Terrorism and Asylum (RLI Working Paper Series Mini-volume)

Simeon, James C. and Tuitt, Patricia and Kienast, Julia and Kőhalmi, Barbara and Nagy-Nádasdi, Anita Rozália and March, Selina (2019) Terrorism and Asylum (RLI Working Paper Series Mini-volume) (PDF).

Contents 31. Introduction (page 1) Guest editor: James C. Simeon 32. Refugees, terrorism and Article 1 of the Refugee Convention (page 6) Patricia Tuitt 33. An introduction to the common security narrative of terrorism and asylum and its influence on Austrian migration law (page 17) Julia Kienast 34. The fight against terrorism and the need for international protection: the Hungarian solution (page 32) Barbara Kőhalmi and Anita Rozália Nagy-Nádasdi 35. Manufacturing fear: The social component of anti-immigration policies in the United States (page 46) Selina March 36. Terrorism and exclusion from asylum in international and national law (page 56) James C. Simeon

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